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meridians massage and education


Get quality massage services customized to your needs.

Customized Massage

for pain management

both acute and chronic

60 min massage $120

90 min massage $160

Meridians Massage. Pine Ave in Long Beach, CA.

A Haven for Therapeutic Massage

Manage your Stress and or Pain with a blend of different bodywork services from Meridians in Long Beach, California. Our Massage Boutique combines many modalities from Traditional Chinese Methods, Energywork and Massage to help with muscle Pain, range of motion issues and Mind, Body connection.

Get what you hope for

Stress and anxiety can cause pain in our muscles and tightness or restrictions in our bodies. Here at Meridians in Long Beach, California, you can feel refreshed and invigorated with our combination of massage and bodywork treatments.

We customize every session to your needs and follow up to check that the methods we use are working to help with pain and stress.

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